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How to Fix HP printer error 49.4c02?

If you are using HP printer and facing error 49.4c02 in it, then there can be many reasons behind it. Usually, this issue is related to firmware other reasons behind this error can be wrong operations, bad quality connections or cables, invalid commands of print, jet direct cards, old and outdated driver. Some steps to resolve this issue are below mentioned. If you face any issue in following these steps then, contact hp support.

How to resolve HP printer error 49.4c02

Method 1: Check the network is accurately configured

  • First and forecast, unplug the LAN cable and restart your printer. You need to check that the printer is showing “Ready Mode”. Try to print the configuration page on the “Menu” and choose “print configuration”.
  • If the page has printed accurately then, the problem will be with printing with the network. If it will not perform in a better manner, then you need to follow these steps:
  1. Change the IP address of your HP printer.
  2. When your printer shows the “Ready Mode” then upgrade the firmware.
  3. At last, change the driver installed.

If the issue is not yet resolved, then use the 2nd method to resolve the HP printer error 49.9c02.

Method 2: clearing the print queue

Click the start option and select the “Printer and Faxes” option to start the print queue. Then tap on the icon of the printer. Then, try to print it again. A new window will appear and make a click on each job to delete it.

Method 3: Check that your firmware is not outdated or old

You can ensure the condition of the firmware by various methods:

1st way:

  • Go to the control panel and print a configuration page.
  • After this, you will get a printed page which will contain “firmware Date code” or “Firmware version”.
  • Now, check the date which is mentioned in it.


2nd way:

  • First of all, go to the HP official website and choose “support and Drivers”.
  • Enter the model number of HP printer and follow the instructions that are appearing on the screen.
  • Choose “Cross OS from the table that is showing on the screen.
  • Check the date of “Current Version”.
  • If the update is available, tap on “Easy firmware update utility”.
  • Select the “download” link.


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How to fix Smart test failed Error Code 303 in HP?

HP Printers are well known for providing the best printing experience to the users. Despite having many advanced features, users sometimes encounter Error 0x610000f6 in their HP Printers. This error generally shows in the control panel. This error can be easily resolved by following certain steps recommended by HP Technical Support Team.

Methods to fix HP Printer Error 0x610000f6:

Method 1: By turning off and turning on the printer

  • Press the “Power Button” of your printer first to turn it off. If the printer is still not off then wait for 60 seconds at least.
  • Now, again press the “Power Button” to turn the printer on

If your issue is resolved, stop this process otherwise try using other methods.

Method 2: By clearing the paper jam

  • Firstly, remove all the loose paper, if any.
  • Now, clear all the jammed papers by opening up the top of the printer cover
  • Then, close the cover back again

Method 3: Make sure the carriage is moving freely

  • Disconnect the USB and power cable from the back of the HP Printer
  • Carefully open the access door of cartridge access door
  • Close the carriage latch by pressing it down completely
  • Now make a check whether the carriage can be moved from one place to another or not. Apply some force to the device by only one side. Then push it back and forth gently in the printer.
  • Now, it is recommended to remove any trash or remains or any kind of obstruction from the path of the carriage.
  • Now, close the access door of cartridge carefully
  • Again, connect the power cable and USB cable to the back of the printer
  • Now press the power button to turn it on carefully
  • Now check if the printer is printing properly by performing the printing task

The above-mentioned methods will surely guide you in resolving the HP Printer Error 0x610000f6 in the your printers. If the problem still persists or you have any difficulty performing the steps then you will be required professional support on this.

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How to Fix HP Envy Printer 4500 error code oxc4eb827f?

HP Toll-Free Number ☎+1-855-969-3589 HP Envy 4500 Error code oxc4eb827f occurs due to the surplus of corrupted registry entry in the system. Professionals have spent many hours to look for the solution to this error and finally, they found the solution to this error. HP Printer Technical Support has a team of skilled trained who found the solution to fast the performance of the PC. This critical error is an indication of an HP Envy printer fault which can be caused by the paper jam, damaged rails, debris and dirty encoder strip to a real hardware fault. Startup problems with the HP Envy 4500 printer is a complex issue and it can get the users in a critical state to resolve the issue. We are mentioning some steps to solve this error.

Steps to Fix HP Printer error code oxc4eb827f Issue

Step 1: Take out the ink cartridges

When the printer is on, the user will need to remove the ink cartridges and after that unplug the power button from the back of the HP printer.

Step 2: shut down the computer system

After that simply shut down the system device

Step 3: Power off the wireless router

Now you need to off the wireless router.

Step 4: Completion stage

Complete the process and wait for minimum 60 seconds.

Step 5: plug-in procedure

Plug in the power cable openly to the printer

Step 6: Install the cartridge

Installation of the cartridges as it is a required step that is to be performed must.

Step 7: Create a copy

Craft a clear copy of cartridge which is well recommendable for the users.

Step 8: Turn on your computer system

The next step is that you have to open the computer

Step 9: Power on the router

You are required to ON the wireless router and then you need to use the printer.

Reach us : HP Envy Technical Support Helpline Number +1-855-969-3589 HP (Toll-Free) Helpline

After performing all the above-mentioned steps, if you are still suffering from any other issue, you can contact to our HP technical support number. With the help of them, you can fix the HP Envy 4500 error code OXC4EB827F issue. These experts at HP Printer support number are well-skilled and trained to handle all the issues related to any error of HP printer.


How to resolve the Error Code 20 in HP Printers?

The Error Code 20 in HP Printer generally occurs due to the incorrect configuration in your system. It appears when you are trying to print any document from your HP Printer as “Printer not activated- Error code 20”

Causes of HP Printer Error Code 20:

There may be several reasons behind this error including:

  • The printer on which you are working is not set as default printer
  • Missing printer driver
  • Issues in the device manager
  • Issue of registry error

In order to fix this error, you need to make sure that the set up of your HP Printer is correct, and no damaged or corrupt settings are there on your PC which might be the reason behind your printer not working properly. You can resolve this error by performing some methods recommended by HP Printer Technical Team:

Method 1: Check whether the printer you are working on is set as the default printer

In case you buy one more printer, you should set it as a default printer in order to prevent the occurrence of this error in future.

  • Click on “Start” and then on “Printer and Faxes”
  • In the “Printers” folder, look for your desired printer icon
  • If you find the icon, see that it has a check mark next to it. If it is there, then it can be set as your default printer.
  • If the check mark is not there, make a right click on the printer and then select “Set as default printer” option.
  • Once you are finished, make a right click on the printer and then choose “Print Test Page” to print the “Windows self-test page”
  • If the page has been printed successfully then exit the folder of the printer and try printing a page of a word document.
  • If this fails, proceed further with next steps.

Method 2: By reinstalling the USB Composite device

  • Make a right click on “My Computer” and then choose “Properties”
  • Select the “Hardware” Tab and then click on “Device Manager”
  • In “Device Manager Window”, make double click on “Universal Serial Bus Controller”
  • Then, make a right click on “USB Composite Device”. Choose “uninstall” and then click “OK”.
  • Disconnect your USB Cable and then reconnect it to the Computer.
  • In order to install the drivers, follow the instructions that come on screen in “Found New Hardware Wizard”
  • Now, click start and then choose “Printer and Faxes” in order to open the Printer folder.
  • Look for the icon of your HP Printer and then choose “Print Test Page” to print a self-test page
  • If the self-test page is printed successfully then close all the windows and try to take a print out of a document

Method 3: By uninstall and reinstall of the HP Software

Try to uninstall and then reinstall the HP Software in your HP Printer. In order to perform this, you should look for built-in Add or Remove Program Utility.

Method 4: By cleaning out the registry

One of the main reasons behind Error 20 in HP Printers is corrupt or damaged parts of “Registry” which prevents the computer to use the printer. To fix this Error, you must clean out the Registry by using the program ‘Registry Cleaner’

The above-mentioned methods will surely guide you in resolving the Error Code 20 in HP Printer by expert technican. If the problem still persists or you find any difficulty in performing these steps then you will be required right technical support.

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