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Where To Find WPS Pin On HP Printer (Step-Wise Guide 2020)

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The WPS Pin is responsible for building up a secure connection to the HP printers with all other devices. With this connection, you can share and print anything from the connected devices. Additionally, with these Wi-Fi printers, you can print seamlessly from any part of your home or office without any technical fault. 

But in order to use this Wi-Fi connectivity in your HP printer, you need to find the WPS pin of your printer. Before you look at where to find WPS Pin on HP printer, it is better you should learn what WPS pin is. Go through this guide to discover everything about the WPS pin.

What Does WPS Pin Do?

WPS feature is basically available on routers. You can connect your HP printer to the wireless routers with this feature, directly. Overall, you need not compromise with the security measures when you are using the WPS feature. 

Because there is a WPS pin to encrypt the wireless connection. This is an eight-digit pin to secure the wireless connection. Please pay attention to the fact that the WPS pin is a bit different from the WPS button. Using the WPS button, you can activate the feature. By using the WPS pin, you can build up a strong and secure wireless connection.

How to Locate WPS Pin on the HP Printers?

If you haven’t found the WPS pin already, then go through this guide. When you are prompted to enter the WPS pin on the connected device of yours, the pin appears on the touchscreen of the printer. The WPS pin appears only for 90 seconds for most of the printer modules of HP.

If you wish to set up a connection using the WPS button, then you need to follow the instructions cited below.

  1. Reach the Control Panel of your HP printer. Tap the button of Wireless feature.
  2. Opt for the WPS option. Then you need to follow the on-screen guidelines.
  3. Press the WPS button on both the printer and the router. Choose the Continue option to move on with the process.
  4. When the device asks for the WPS pin, look at the display screen of your HP printer. Provide the pin to the device. 
  5. Make sure that the wireless connection through WPS is well-established.

If your HP printer lacks any printer drivers, opt for the All Programs option. Next, explore the HP Printer folder. Navigate to the Printer Setup and Software option. Finally, click the ‘Connect a Fresh Printer’ option.

How to Connect the HP Printer with WPS Pin?

If you want to establish the connection via the WPS pin setup, then you have to check out the following guidelines.

  1. Initially, navigate to the Control Panel of the printer. 
  2. Hit the Wireless key. Next, opt for the Settings option. Continue with the WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.
  3. Go through the guidelines from the screen of the printer. Enter the WPS pin when the device asks you to provide the pin. The pin should display on the touch screen of the printer.
  4. Use the Utility settings to reach the wireless router or access point. Provide the WPS pin in the mandatory field to finish the process.
  5. Make sure that you have access to the drivers associated with the printer networks. 

If you don’t have the latest printer drivers, download them before applying the procedure. We hope that the guide was helpful on where to find WPS pin on HP printer. You can seek assistance from an expert if you still need any sort of help regarding this. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to WPS Pin on HP Printer: 

We have arranged some basic queries about the WPS pin and button on HP printers. Go through this section if you are interested.

  • Where Can you Find Out the WPS button? 

WPS button is the one-stop solution for wireless connection. For a hassle-free connection, please go through the steps below.

  • You should switch on the WPS button that is situated on your router.
  • Next, navigate to the Wireless option on the HP printer.
  • Connect to the wireless printer by using the WPS connection.
  • What Makes a WPS Pin? 

WPS pin is made up of 8 digits. So, it is not impossible to hack. You should apply a robust WPS pin so that hackers can’t easily guess the pin.

  • How to Locate the WPA2 Key on Mac Devices?

When you need to assign any new device to the wireless network, you need a WPA2 key. Navigate to the Preference option on the Mac device to get the WPA2 key.

  • Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer Envy Series?

You can use the printer manual to locate the WPS pin on your printer if you are in doubt. Otherwise, you have already read how to locate the WPS pin on the printer in this guide.