HP Officejet Pro 8610: How To Set Up?

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HP Officejet Pro 8610 is an all-in-one printer with Inkjet technology. You can print, scan, and fax using this printer. When you have bought an HP Officejet 8610 printer, first, you should prepare the printer. Without a proper user guide, you might face some issues. 

Thus, here we are about to discuss the effective steps that can help you to access the printer by completing the setup process in no time. 

HP Officejet Pro 8610: Unboxing and Installation

Firstly, you have to start up the HP Officejet Pro 8610 setup process following the initial steps. This initial setup consists of the unboxing and some basic operations. Let’s start the process:

  1. Place the printer package on a smooth surface. Use a cutter to cut the tapes and all the printer box. Then, bring out the printer, carefully. Also, do check if you have received all the items that are mentioned in the package.
  2. Now, remove the tapes and films from the components of the printer. Make sure that you remove the films from the scanner glass and the tape from the cartridge access. 
  3. After that, connect the printer to a nearby electrical outlet with the help of the power cord.
  4. Switch on the printer. You have to set the basic configurations like language, country or region. Use the navigation keys to set the preferences and finally tap the OK button.
  5. Gather some papers of the same dimensions. Afterwards, pull the paper tray out. Position the papers after adjusting the paper width glides. Push the tray back until it snaps into its position.
  6. You can find a new ink cartridge. Open up the packaging. Lift up the ink cartridge access unit and place the cartridge there. After the cartridge snaps to its exact place, you can close the cartridge access.

You have completed the initial setup of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 printer.

Driver Download and Installation for HP OfficeJet Pro 8610

The printer package comes with an installation CD. You can run that CD on your computer before you connect the computer to the new printer. Follow all the on-screen guidelines to complete the driver installation process. You can use the CD for both Windows and Mac computers. 

Well, you can also access an alternative process to download the driver.

How to Download Printer Driver for Windows?

HP printer drivers are available on the official webpage of HP. Follow the steps below to accomplish the installation successfully.

  1. Visit the official HP website on your computer. Proceed to the Printer section. There you have to provide the printer model. In your case, you have to type HP Officejet Pro 8610 in that box. Then, click the Submit button.
  2. Before downloading the driver, make sure that you have chosen the right Operating System. Additionally, ensure that you have selected the right version and architecture.
  3. Then, click the Download option. After the download completes, fetch the downloaded driver from the Downloads folder. 
  4. Double-click on the downloaded folder. The installation procedure should have started. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation.

Now, you can connect the Windows computer to the HP printer.

How to Download Printer Driver for Mac?

You can insert the installation CD on the CD drive. Run the CD to install the driver for the HP printer. Otherwise, follow the guidelines cited below:

  1. Visit the webpage of HP Software and Drivers Center. Navigate to the Printer option.
  2. Mention the right printer model in the search box appearing on the page. Choose the Submit option.
  3. The Operating System will get detected. Make sure that it is correct. Otherwise, the driver is not going to work properly. Next, proceed with the Download button.
  4. You might have to extract the downloaded driver file. Run the downloaded package to install the right printer driver for your Mac device.

Wireless Setup for HP Officejet Pro 8610

This printer acquires the facility of wireless printing. You can avoid the mess of cables if you choose to use the wireless mode of connection. The wireless connection allows the printer to connect any wireless device. 

Before going to the wireless setup procedure, be sure that you have downloaded the necessary drivers. The drivers are available on the official website of HP.

For Windows

You have to connect the printer and the computer to the same wireless network. Collect all the network credentials like the SSID, password of the wireless network before you start off the procedure.

  1. Switch on the computer, the HP printer, and the router. Keep all these devices in considerable proximity. Connect the computer to the wireless network. Remove all the cables except the power one from the printer.
  2. Ensure that you have changed the mode of connection during the installation of the printer driver. The driver might have set the connection as USB. change it to the Wireless mode.
  3. Now, move on to the Control Panel of the printer. Navigate to the following path by using the navigation controls: Setup, then Network Setup and lastly, Wireless Settings.
  4. After that, touch the Wireless Setup Wizard option. The printer will initiate a search to discover the nearby networks. When you can notice your wireless network, tap on it.
  5. Then, you have to provide the password associated with the network.

The printer must be connected to the computer through the wireless network.

For Mac 

Collect the network credentials to build a proper connection for Mac. Then perform the following steps.

  1. Firstly, switch on the computer, printer including the router. Connect the computer to the router.
  2. Next, go to the Support Software and Driver section of the HP website. It will detect the Operating System of your computer. Mention the printer model followed by clicking the Submit button. 
  3. You have to choose the HP Easy Start driver. Download the package. Run the downloaded file to install the software. After the installation, come to the Control Panel.
  4. Go to the Wireless Setup Wizard from the Network Setup. There you can see the wireless network to which the Mac device is connected. Choose that particular network.
  5. When it asks for the password, provide the password. The printer should now be connected to the wireless network. 

How to Discover the Network Password from Router?

When the Internet Service Provider delivers you the internet connection, the router comes with an encryption policy. The encryption password helps to protect the network from trespassing users. You can discover the password from the router or the paperwork from your Internet Service Provider.

When you are Connected to Windows Device?

It’s not necessary to find out the password only from the router or from the paperwork. If your Windows computer has already connected to the wireless network, then you can get it from the Windows device, too. 

Just explore the Networks section. Go to the Change Adapter Settings option. Choose your network. Move on with its Properties. The security key is visible under the Security tab.

When you are Connected to Mac Device?

Open the Finder and then choose Go, followed by Utilities. Select Local Items under the KeyChain List, you can notice the passwords there. Just opt for the wireless network name and the password becomes visible.

We hope that the setup guide proves to be helpful for the HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer. You can now print, scan, copy, and fax using the HP printer.