How to Install HP Printer? [A Complete Guide 2020]

Installing and setting up HP Printers for Windows 10 computers can be a tricky task if you are not acquainted with the proper process. So, in order to install the HP printers properly without having any issues, through recommendable steps. 

Here, we will guide you to make this tedious task simple so that you can set up the HP printer on your own.

Install the HP Printer and Connect with Windows 10 computer

There are basically 2 major steps involved in this installation procedure. These steps are further discussed elaborately, to help you get a complete idea of how this process is done. 

Follow the given steps in order to set up and configure the HP Printer correctly.

Step 1: Prepare the Printer Set up

This step is very crucial for the HP Printer installation process. Check all the system requirements in order to prepare for the Printer Set up. 

Moreover, we must delete the Driver which was already installed in the Windows 10 Operating system. Follow the instructions given below:

  1. First, switch ON the HP printer and make sure it’s ready for installation.
  2. Now, you will require a USB cable. The length of the cable should not be more than 3metre (9 ft and 10inch).
  3. Further, insert the USB cable inside the USB port present on your computer. 

Note- If you have already attached the USB cable with your computer before starting the installation process then you have to first disconnect it. Restart the procedure of installing the HP printer. You have to attach the Printer cable only when there is a pop-up notification.

  1. Now, after connecting the Printer cable into the USB port, navigate to the Devices option in the Windows Search button. 
  2. Select the Devices option and then click on the Driver and Printers tab, located at the top of the command box under the Control Panel settings.
  3. Right-click on the Printer icon that you want to install. Click on the Remove Device option to delete all the unnecessary printer icons. 

Step 2: Install the HP Printer Drivers and connect it with Windows 10

Now, this step includes installing and configuring the accurate Printer driver for your Windows 10 System. 

To install the appropriate driver for your computer, follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Connect your computer with any of the available wireless networks. Then, browse
  2. Once the site is open, put your HP Printer model number and then select the suitable printer driver.
  3. Next, download the Printer Driver by following the given instructions on the screen. 
  4. While the Printer driver is downloading, a command will prompt on the screen asking you to choose a connection type for your printer (Select the connection type as USB).
  5. Now, if there is any problem while downloading the Printer drivers then, proceed with the Printer driver installation process by opening the HP website.
  6. Open any search engine and browse HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads.
  7. Give the correct model number of your HP Printer and then choose the Operating System. A “Let’s identify your product to get started” page displays, click Printer, type your printer model number, and then click Submit.
  8. Next, select the Download option under the Driver tab. Alternatively, you can also select the Basic Drivers option for other options.
  9. After the drivers are downloaded properly, a notification will prompt on the screen asking you to select a particular printer connection 

After completing both the above-mentioned steps, your HP Printer will be installed and connected with the Windows system. 

Try to scan or print or perform any other action on your HP Printer to check whether it is working properly or not. If you face any hassle then you can seek help from an expert.