How To Solve the Driver Is Unavailable Issue

As we know drivers play a major role while you connect your printer to your computer, so due to any minor problem in drivers, it might lead the users to an annoying situation. But sometimes due to outdated or incompatible drivers, few error messages are displayed on the screen which leaves the users puzzled.

Are you noticing an error stating that the driver is unavailable HP? Then don’t get perplexed at all. This is quite a common issue that most of the HP users encounter frequently.

It indicates that the driver that is installed in your printer is not compatible or got corrupted. It also means that the driver is outdated and your PC is unable to detect it.

Once you face the same problem, then your device can’t detect the driver. Further, you become unable to access your printer and continue the printing jobs. If you are also encountering the same problem, then look at the entire guide and then implement the solution one by one.

Why is your Printer Driver Unavailable?

This issue is very common in the printing world and you can resolve it if and only you know the exact reasons behind the issue.

  1. The main cause behind the issue is drive incompatibility. If the driver is mismatched, then there is a chance of getting this problem.
  2. Due to the incomplete installation of the driver also create the same problem with your device.
  3. Because of the poor or unstable internet connection, the driver of your device might show you unavailable.
  4. Due to the obsolete Windows version, you can encounter the same problem in your HP printer.

Top-Notch Solutions to Fix the Driver is Unavailable Issue:

Once you learn about the reasons, now it’s time to solve this driver issue as soon as possible. So, it is recommended to try out all the ways without making any mistakes.

Solution 1: Uninstall the Printer

Once you find the driver is unavailable, then you have two ways to get rid of it. The first one is the uninstallation of the printer and the software that is related to your printer. So, look in this section, here we will discuss how you can uninstall the printer on your own.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to press the Windows and the R button simultaneously on your keyboard. It will help you to open the Run dialog box. After that, click on the box and type “Control” in it. Press the Enter button to move to the Control Panel.

From this page, check that the View by Option is selected as Large icons. Now, choose the Devices and Printers by clicking on it. Then, you will see a list of all the printers here. Further, choose your printer model that is causing the issue by right-clicking on it. Tap on the Remove Device option and move to the next step.

Now, press down the Windows and R button again and click on the dialog box. Type, “devmgmt.msc” in the box and press the Enter button. Move to select the “Print Queues” icon and choose the Uninstall device by right-clicking on it.

Through this process, your device will remove the printer from the Control Panel. Keep waiting while the uninstallation is going on. Next, you have to press the Windows and R once more and navigate to the dialog box. Type, “appwiz.cpl” in it and press Enter once more. 

You will now see all the installed applications on your device. Choose all the applications from here by right-tapping one by one. Then click on the Uninstall icon.

Once you have completed all the steps, you have to detach your printer from your PC. If you are connected with a USB cable, then remove it or if you are connected with WiFi, then remove the router.

After completion of the process, shut down your printer, computer and also the router. Remove the power supply from your devices. Wait for almost ten to fifteen minutes and replug all the devices and cable back to your printer and computer.

Now, go back to the Control Panel and choose the driver by right-clicking on it. Tap on the “Set as default printer” from the list.

At the final step, try to print a paper or document and check if the problem has gone or not.

Solution 2: Reinstall the Latest Drivers

In case the above method is not helpful for you, then try to update the drivers manually by following the steps stated here. Due to the Windows update, sometimes your printer might stop working. The drivers for Windows might create problems and not work on all devices. This may occur with the HP printers. But before going to the steps, you have to be sure to navigate to the HP website and install the correct drivers for your device.

  • Now, press the Windows and the R buttons simultaneously and open the Run Dialog box. 
  • Click on it and type “devmgmt.msc” in it and press the Enter button. The Device Manager will open on the screen. 
  • Move to choose the Hardware section and click on the “Print Queues” icon from there.
  • After that, choose the Printer Hardware option by right-clicking and then tap on the Update Driver tab.
  • You will now see a pop-up box that is asking the way you want to update the driver. 
  • You have to click on the second option and tap on Proceed. 
  • Then, choose the driver file you have installed and then tap on the Browse icon. 
  • Finally, restart your device and try to print a page using your HP printer. Check if the problem is still showing up on the display or not.

Solution 3: Install the Windows Updates

Now, it’s time to install the Windows updates. To do so, at first, you have to tap on the Start button and then click on the search box. Here you have to write Update and press the Enter button. From the results, you need to click on Windows Updates.

Now, look at the left pane of the screen and tap on the Change settings icon. Navigate to choose the “Important Updates” tab and find out the “Install Updates Automatically” icon by clicking on it. Then, move to the Recommended Update section and turn on the Automatic Update icon. It will help you to download the available updates in the future.

Now, navigate to the Settings icon and choose Update & Security from the list. Select Windows Update from the left side of the screen and tap on Check for Updates icon. 

Next, you will find all the updates that are available for your device. Download all of them. Once the process gets completed, restart your device and check if the same problem is still happening or not.

We expect that the above solutions will be beneficial for you if you find the printer driver is unavailable. But while performing the steps if any further doubts arise in your mind, then contact the experts for further information.