How To Turn On HP Printer Services [Quick And Easy Guide]

How To Turn On HP Printer Services [Quick And Easy Guide]

Connecting your HP printer with the web services indicates that you are setting up a secured communicating channels using an internet connection. It will enable you to locate Web-connected printing services such as HP Instant Ink delivery services, HP ePrint cloud printing, and HP printer apps. 

Depending upon the printer model, language and country, users can use this service to print documents even if you are away from the device. If you do not know the exact way to proceed then here we have listed the process.

You can find the required option using “HP Connected” and after that navigate to the drop-down list that is showing the country names and languages. Check if your preferred language is listed here or not.

How to Check if HP Printer is Waiting for Web Services?

HP printer users frequently reported that they are facing an issue regarding “HP Printer is waiting for Web Services”. There is no exact reason behind this issue but generally, an unstable or poor connection is responsible for this problem. 

An error message constantly shows up on the display due to:

How to Setup Web Services Using Control Panel?

If you want to set up Web services using the Control Panel then at first you have to open Control Panel from your device. After that, navigate to the Setup option and click on the Web Services setup icon.

Then, click on the Touch Accept icon and turn on the Web Services from here. If prompted then click on the Yes icon and allow all the updates to download automatically. 

Once you have connected to the server, follow the instructions that are showing on the screen.

Setup Web Services using HP Printer Software

At the initial step, launch HP printer software. Now, move to choose Print, Scan & Fax by right-clicking on it. After that, choose the “Connect your printer to the web” icon that you will find under the Print section.

Once the printer’s homepage opens on the screen you have to tap on the Web Services icon. Now, move to the Web settings section and choose Setup from the list. Select Continue and track on the instruction showing on the display.

How to Resolve if HP Printer is Waiting for Web Services?

Unfortunately, if you ever notice the above error messages on the screen, the HP printer fails to print. Additionally, your printer will be unable to connect with printing web services. Thus, try these methods carefully.

Solution 1: Restart the HP Printer

A simple reboot of your device can help you to fix multiple problems and errors on the device. To perform a restart, at first you have to unplug the power cable from your printer for at least thirty seconds.

A few moments later reconnect the power cable to your printer. Now, keep pressing the Resume button for ten to twenty seconds. Release the button when the alteration light turned on.

Solution 2: Restart the Router

Once you restart your HP printer, it’s time to restart the router by following these steps:

Additional Tips:

  1. You have to be sure enough that your HP printer is connected correctly with the router.
  2. Then, look at the green light when your printer is attached by an Ethernet cable.
  3. You have to check whether the wireless printing feature is turned on and is connected with the network as your computer does.
  4. Verify if there is any signal interrupting the network or not.
  5. Finally, close your printer and router and check if the problem still persists or not.

The solutions that are given here are proven and definitely help you to fix the problems from your HP printer.

Additional Information: What are the Various Web Services?

HP web services are a medium for communicating between the server applications and the client. Using an internet connection, users can access Web services on their HP devices.

HP ePrint:

HP ePrint is a free service for HP users that allows users to print from their HP printers that are ePrint enabled. They can print with their device any time or from any location as per their preference.

In such cases, no additional drivers or software are needed to complete the printing process. Once you have signed up for an HP ePrint account, you can check ePrint job status. And, control who is able to use your printer and as well as manage HP ePrint printer queue.

HP Printer Apps:

Theses are web services with which you can connect your HP printer including HP scan to Email, HP JetAdvantage Private Print, and HP Quick Forms. Depending upon your region, the language, and model you can locate the HP Printer Apps for your device.

HP Printables:

This service allows users to locate and print preformatted web content directly from your printer device. As well as you can store those documents and data on the Web. Few HP Printables allow you to schedule the delivery of applications content to your printer.

HP Instant Ink Delivery Services:

This service relates to insufficient ink cartridge replacements that are accessible to HP printers. All you need to have is a stable internet connection. But, in case any further doubts arise then get in touch with the experts and diagnose the issue you are facing now.

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